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                                Экскурсия World War II Memorial Khatyn

                                Сайт: https://ekskursii.by
                                Программа тура:
                                • The Khatyn Memorial is a monument to all those who fell victim to German Nazism. It serves as a reminder to all the living to do whatever is possible to prevent such a tragedy from ever being repeated and to spare no effort to preserve peace on this Earth. Here, at the site of this ruined village one becomes engulfed by an acute realization of how heavy was the price paid for victory over Nazism.
                                  During the three years of occupation of Belarus, the Nazis turned into ruins 209 towns and 9200 villages, leaving homeless 3 million people.
                                  The Republic of Belarus is a peace-loving country and as a member of the UN since 1945 it has always been in the forefront of strengthening world peace. Belarus was among the first countries that put forward the proposal to turn Europe into a nuclear-free zone. Our policy of peace is aimed at maintaining friendly relations with all countries, both near and far.
                                • The Mound of Glory sightseeing tour is dedicated to the events relating to the liberation of Minsk and the rest of Belarus in the summer of 1944.
                                  The Moscow Highway was an arena of bitter battles in the summer of 1941 and no less bitter battles during the liberation of Belarus in the summer of 1944.
                                  During this sightseeing tour you have learned about some episodes of World War II on Belarusian soil and the liberation of Belarus from nazi invaders in 1944.
                                  Many years have passed since that time. Quite a long time in terms of an individual human life. But the memory of that war lives on.
                                  War leaves not only victors and vanquished in its trail, but also the dead and the leaving. It is for the sake of the living, for the sake of our children and grandchildren and their war-free future that we should not let time erase the tragedy of that past war from our memory.
                                • Return to Minsk.
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